About us

We are a peruvian sustainable clothing brand. PANGEA is the name that the earth had millions of years ago when all the continents were united. We chose this name because we seek to rescue that union to take care of the world in which we all live.


Conscious Consumption

At Pangea we promote conscious consumption and slow fashion by offering capsule collections of garments made of premium natural and sustainable fibers such as 100% organic cotton and making accessories created through the practice of upcycling .
In this way, we take care of the environment, respect fair trade and people's health . In addition, our garments have original and minimalist designs, thus offering timeless, versatile, quality and comfortable pieces for men, women and babies.

  • Mission

    We create clothing and accessories for adults and babies in a sustainable way to offer products that are fashionable but at the same time ethically made.

  • Visión

    Our vision is to be a leading company in sustainable fashion in the national market with international projection.

  • Values

    • Social and environmental responsibility
    • Empathy
    • Transparency
    • Trust
    • Quality


Natalia Rubio is the Founder of PANGEA. In 2018 she decided to create a sustainable clothing brand and now it is her full time job. She is passionate about what she does and seeks to continue creating compelling designs that have a positive impact.

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